7. Applications

7.1. Past Applications

The previous version, GLOFRIM 1.0, was successfully applied for replacing the routing scheme of PCR [Hoch2017a] and for benchmarking the hydrodynamic models DFM and LFP [Hoch2017b].

Results of a test case in the Amazon River basin show that by applying the full shallow water equations instead of the kinematic wave approximation increases the accuracy of simulated discharge:

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Benchmarking the hydrodynamic models revealed similar performace with respect to simulated discharge:

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However, simulated flood extent differs locally due to the different gridding schemes applied, yielding a low critical success index C:

Hit rate False alarm ration Critical Succes Index
0.85 0.50 0.46

7.2. Current developments and future applications

We are planning to some more crazy stuff with GLOFRIM.

These include amongst others:

  • Coupling PCR with CMF at a global scale
  • Further becnhmarking of models
  • Using nested models for compound flood modelling.

Stay tuned!